Terms and Conditions

Winter Garden Grassing, Inc.

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By placing an order with Winter Garden Grassing, I am accepting the following terms and conditions:

* I authorize WGG to enter the property for the purpose of distributing pallets of sod. I understand that the forklift could cause damage to underground irrigation, sidewalks, driveways, sprinklers and will damage a septic tank and drain field if driven on. I understand that it will be necessary for the forklift to drive on the sidewalks and driveway. WGG will not be held responsible for any damages to concrete, pavers, unmarked sprinklers, underground pipes or valves. I understand that it is my responsibility to mark all sprinkler heads, septic tanks, drainfields in anything breakable so that WGG may avoid those areas. I understand that the forklift needs a 10 foot wide opening to get through and WGG cannot go on someone else’s property. If the forklift does not have enough room, sod will be set as far back as possible. If you have requested to show the driver where to set the sod and you are not at the site, driver will set the sod in the driveway.

* Sod is a perishable product and must be installed within 24 hours of delivery (or receipt of the sod if the sod is picked up). All sod must be laid within 24 hours, even if you have concerns about it. All of our grass is fresh‐cut and we guarantee our sod to grow.

* Sod harvested during colder weather/winter time should be expected to have some brown in it. During extreme cold temperatures/freezes the grass may be completely brown. As always, our grass is fresh‐cut and our guarantees and warranties are the same year‐round.

* If you experience any concerns or problems with your sod, you must lay all the sod and then call WGG within 24 hours of delivery (or receipt of the sod if picked up) to report any problems or concerns with the sod. Failure to do so will void the warranty of the sod. This proves that you laid your grass in a timely manner. If we are closed or unavailable, leave a message. Waiting until we reopen opens the possibility that the sod just sat on the pallet too long before you attempted to lay it. You can always send an email to WGGrassing@cfl.rrr.com. It is monitored regularly and we can quickly respond to any problems or concerns after business hours. Customers must also make a follow‐up call to WGG two weeks after the delivery or receipt of the sod if they are still concerned about it. Failure to call back in two weeks will be grounds for WGG assuming customer is completely satisfied with their order.

* Newly installed St. Augustine and Zoysia are very susceptible to fungus. Fungus is a naturally occurring disease and cannot be warranted against. You must treat your grass with the granular fungicide (ie., Scotts Lawn Fungus Control) immediately and again every 10 days during heavy watering and heavy rains. If your grass does get fungus you will need to treat it with a liquid copper fungicide and also call a spray company immediately.

New grass is susceptible to Army Worms and Sod Webworms. You should inspect your sod after installation for worms.

* All new sod should be fertilized with the granular, 100% organic fertilizer (i.e. Milorganite or Ironite), at the rate indicated in product instructions immediately after sod installation. Do not use chemical fertilizers or allow your spray service to fertilize your grass until after sod roots in.

* WGG recommends that you water your new sod at least 1 inch per day (approximately one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening) every day for the first two weeks unless there is sufficient rainfall. Actual irrigation time will depend on your soil and how much your irrigation system actually puts out. You are responsible for ensuring your side gets enough water. We do not warranty sod that does not get enough water. You are exempt from watering restriction DAYS but must abide by the times

* Bahia customers: Bahia is the poorest quality of you grass you can buy. The pieces of Bahia do not always hold together in their 16 x 24″ pieces that they are cut in. They tend to break apart. All Bahia comes with some weed in it. We cannot guarantee the quality of Bahia but we do guarantee that it will grow.

* Under no circumstances will WGG warranty Sod for more than 30 days. We deliver quality sod and guarantee the sod, except for Bahia, will come free of weeds. There are so many variables that come into play after you receive your sod (i.e., what you do or don’t do to your sod) that we can’t guarantee for longer. If your sod is going to die from something that we are responsible for, you will know it within two weeks.

* Customers have the responsibility for taking care of their sod and reading and following all instructions on the back of their ticket.

* Cancellations/changes must be made 72 hours in advance.

* For pick up customers, pallets of sod weigh between 3,000 and 3,500 pounds. During times of extreme rain, the Sod can weigh upwards of 5,000 pounds. We recommend a 1 ton American‐made pick up truck or dual axle trailer to carry each pallet. WGG is not responsible for any damage done due to the weight of the sod.

*All pallet returns must be accompanied by the customer’s yellow pickup or delivery ticket in order to be given back pallet deposits. If you are returning for someone else, you must have that person’s order name and an approximate delivery date. Winter Garden Grassing will not issue a refund unless these items are present.