How do I determine how much sod I need?

You need to measure the area you want to cover. Hopefully you have a square area which is the easiest to measure. If so, you need to measure the length and the width and multiply these numbers together. This number will tell you how many square feet of sod you need. Sod comes 400 square feet to a pallet (roughly the size of a double car garage. Take the square feet you came up with and divide by 400. This will tell you how many pallets you need. Each piece is 16x 24 inches and covers 2.67 sq ft. There are 150 pieces in a pallet.

What kinds of sod do we carry and what are the differences?


Bahia is the #1 grass we recommend. It is the easiest to maintain and is the most drought tolerant grass available. Bahia gets has a bad reputation because most people buy Bahia so that they don’t have to take care of it.  When the grass is not taken care of it becomes thin and sparse. Bahia really is low maintenance, but it does require some water and a good weed and feed program which you can do yourself.  You can have a beautiful yard that will rival any St Augustine yard with a little care. YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND: It is the most inexpensive type of grass you can buy and it is “pasture grass”.  Bahia is typically laid on the sides of the roads. Because Bahia is drought tolerant, the roots go straight down and deep, this is the reason for the drought tolerance.  Because of this, the pieces do not always hold together in beautiful 16×24 inch rectangles, making it a more difficult grass to lay.  The pieces will break apart – especially when you get to bottom of the pallet and when it is really wet or really dry, however, lay all of the pieces, it will all grow.  All Bahia, not just ours, will come with a little bit of weed in it. We cannot guarantee the quality of the sod but we do guarantee that it will grow and we NEVER have to replace Bahia. It is a great grass. It will look rough when you first lay it.  Don’t panic, give it 2 weeks and with plenty of water, after it is rooted in and has it’s first good mowing, you will notice a huge difference.  Bahia has very thin blades, it does not run across the ground as does St. Augustine grasses.  Bahia is not shade tolerant.  It requires at least 6 hours of direct sunlight to grow. We recommend Bahia for people who do not like to spend a lot of time on their grass or do not have a sprinkler system. Please note that you new sod will require at least 45 minutes of water twice a day until it is rooted in.  After it is rooted in the watering can be weened back to once or twice a week.  Once it is established Bahia is virtually drought resistant and doesn’t take a lot of maintenance beyond mowing. Because all Bahia comes with some weed in it, you need take that into consideration when deciding when to lay it.  After the grass is rooted in, you will need to put a weed killer on it. BUT, you cannot do it when the temperature is above 85 degrees.  Weed killers are generally heat activated and can kill your grass. In addition, winter weed control will waste your time because it is not warm enough to activate the weed killer.  That means that the Fall and Spring are the best times to treat Bahia grass.  You can find more information about Bahia by visiting the University of Florida Extension Website. http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/lh006

St. Augustine

St. Augustine is a beautiful grass. Most new houses are sodded some type of St. Augustine.  It has thick blades and propagates by runners, so it doesn’t grow as tall and as fast as Bahia.  St. Augustine is higher maintenance; it gets weeds and needs more care. It has to be watered regularly unless we are getting rain.  A major problem with St. Augustine is that during the summer it has problems with the fungus. Fungus is not something that we or the field can control. New sod is more susceptible to fungus and must be treated right away or you can lose your grass very easily if left untreated.  Fungus is also something that cannot be cured with one treatment.  You could potentially spray your yard for fungus and get it again in a week. When treating your yard for fungus, you must treat it a second time in ten to fourteen days to kill the spores when they hatch.  All St Augustine is high maintenance.  ALL GRASS grows in the full sunlight but not all grass can grow in the shade.  So, when choosing a St Augustine we recommend that you pick the sod based on your worst-case shade scenario. For example, Palmetto will grow in the shade and also in the full sun, but Floratam will only grow in the full sun.


  • Floratam – For areas that get at least 4 to 5 hours of direct sunlight. It has thick blades and grows to about 3-4 inches​


  • Palmetto St. Augustine is the most sold patented turfgrass in the world with more than 1 Billion square feet sold. Selected for better color and finer texture.  Palmetto demonstrates superior shade, cold, frost, heat and drought tolerance.  This versatile turfgrass is used across the southern United States from the Carolinas to California under a wide range of climate and soil conditions making it the ideal choice for residential and commercial use.

For more information on St. Augustine, visit http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/lh010








  • BAHIA – FS


How much does a pallet weigh?

A pallet typically weighs between 3000 to 3500 pounds. It can weight less or more depending on how much rain the fields have had. We recommend a 1-Ton American-made truck, such as a full sized Ford or Chevy, or a dual-axle trailer to haul the sod. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE DO NOT RECOMMEND LOADING SOD INTO A TRUCK WITH A SPRAY IN BEDLINER. SPRAY IN BEDLINERS DO NOT HAVE ANY GIVE AND A VERY EASILY DAMAGED. In no circumstances are we reliable to any damage done to your bed during loading.

If you can not carry the weight but still want to pick up the sod, you can hand load it (EXCEPT FOR BAHIA) and not pay the pallet deposit charge.  All hand loading is done by the customers.

What days is the sod available?

For residential orders, all pickups are generally scheduled for Wednesday and Friday from 7:00-7:30 a.m. or after 9:00 a.m. until we close at 5 p.m. We ask that if you cannot come between 7:00-7:30 a.m. that you call ahead before you come to pickup so we can make sure that we have someone here to load you.

Deliveries are generally scheduled for Wednesday and Friday (except for orders of 14+ pallets in which case you can pick the delivery day to be Tuesday-Saturday). All sod is cut to order and you need to order at least 3 days ahead of time. (Order received after 2:00p.m. will not be processed until this next day because when we leave at 5:00p.m.,  all orders must be called into the field.  This schedule may change during holidays and other times of the year as necessary. Sod is brought in on an order-basis only and we only bring in enough sod for what we have orders for. Delivery schedule is made up on the afternoon before your delivery day. Under no circumstances can we guarantee a delivery time. You can request as early as possible or as late as possible and we do our best to accommodate but sometimes it is not possible. The customer can call after 2:00pm the afternoon before your delivery and we can tell them here they are on the schedule.

Can I install year round?

In Florida, sod can be installed year round. When you install sod during the winter months and the temperature falls around the freezing mark the sod will turn completely brown. It is still alive and will turn green with fertilizer and warmer temperatures. If you install St. Augustine during the heat of the summer, you have to be vigilant about watching for fungus.  If you do not treat your grass for it,  you can potentially lose your entire lawn.  We do not guarantee against Fungus because it is airborne and we have no control over it.

How do I take care of my sod?

Please note: 

The Florida Summer (Heat, Humidity, Rain) is a guarantee for Fungus. Fungus is a naturally occurring disease and can not be warranted against.

**It is CRITICAL you call a spray company within 24-48 hours of getting sod and have them spray for fungus and sod web worms.

Initial Care

Number 1 and most important : Do not water your sod while it is still stacked on the pallet. When you do, you create a microwave effect and the sod cooks from the inside out.

• Water the ground before laying the sod. Begin watering your grass immediately. Do not let it sit even 1 hour. If you are laying multiple pallets, water as you go. Even letting laid grass sit for 1 hour in the Florida sun will be seriously detrimental and could even kill it.

• We recommend that you have a spray service inspect new sod for fungus and other diseases within three days. IF, AT ANY TIME, YOU EXPERIENCE ANY PROBLEMS OR CONCERNS WITH YOUR NEW GRASS, YOU MUST CALL IMMEDIATELY AND WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU CALL A SPRAY COMPANY. 99.999% OF THE TIME IF SOD DIES WITHIN THE FIRST MONTH IT IS LACK OF WATER OR FUNGUS. Typically anything that is caught right away can be taken care of. When you let the damage go on for weeks, it is usually too late to save the grass.

• Sod should be watered at least 1-inch per day (approximately 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening) for the first two weeks unless there is sufficient rainfall. Every irrigation system is different so this is just a general rule.  Your grass may take more or less water. A good way to measure how much water you are giving the area is to place an empty tuna fish can or anything flat that can hold water and turn your sprinkler on. When the water reaches the top of the tuna fish can or the equivalent on another container you will know how long to run your water for. Most people overestimate the amount of time they are actually watering so if your sod starts turning brown after the second day of watering, you may need to reassess your watering time. You also don’t want to over water, so cut back it you get standing water.

• Sod needs to be fertilized immediately after you lay it with a 100% organic fertilizer. The most common types of organic fertilizer are ironite and milorganite and they can be purchased at any home improvement store. Do not use a chemical fertilizer until the sod has rooted into the ground. Chemical fertilizers  can burn the roots of the sod, killing it.  After initial fertilization, use 16-4-8 fertilizer at recommend rate in March and September.  During the summer use  only an organic fertilizer such as those listed above.

• During the late spring, summer and early fall we require that you put fungus control on your new St. Augustine and Zoysia grass. We can almost guarantee that it will get fungus and we feel it is better to pretreat (but this will not completely prevent) than to potentially lose your new grass because of it.  As a preventative, we recommend calling a spray company within 24-48 hours of getting the sod.

• If you still experience fungus problems after repeated treatments, especially in saturated areas, you need to have a spray company come out that can use higher strength fungicide. Do not let the fungus go: you can lose your entire lawn!

PLEASE NOTE that sod is an agricultural product. It is not a manufactured product in which every piece is an exact,  perfect duplicate of the one before. There may be differences in the soil base depending on the amount of rain we have or not had.  Slight unevenness in the sod field could also cause differences in the finished product. Some pieces could break apart or possibly not be as green as the others. Rest assured that the entire pallet was cut at the same time from one strip of sod in the field. Please lay all pieces, be sure to water, fertilizer and put fungicide down if required. Follow all instructions on the back of your ticket.You may find it necessary and beneficial to the finished product to roll the sod. A small amount of settling will occur naturally. You can take your lawn mower (blade off!) and drive over the new sod to seat the pieces. If you noticed ANYTHING when laying your new grass, you must call us within 24 hours of receiving the grass. Even if we are closed, leave a message. This proves that you laid your grass in a timely manner and didn’t let it sit on the pallet too long. Calling also gives us the opportunity to address and fix and problems you might have.

• Long Term Care – There is a lot of information available and it would take up an enormous amount of space to list it here. Please visit the University of Florida Extension Website https://hort.ifas.ufl.edu/yourfloridalawn/ for detailed information or call our office and we will send you a copy of care information broken down by the seasons.

• We recommend that you visit the St Johns River Water Management District website in regards to the amount of water your established grass needs

• There are no spray companies that we recommend. We feel like, with the correct guidance, every homeowner can maintain their own yard. This way you know what chemicals are being applied and you can save money. Scott’s has a great program on their website that will guide you on what to use for your exact grass at each time of the year. You can even sign up for an email list with handy reminders and tips.


They also have an App that you can download for your phone.

How do I place an order?

In order to place an order, you either have to:

  1. Come in to the office and pay for it. If you pay with a check, you will need to
    reserve your order with a credit card.

  2. You can reserve it sod with a credit card and pay when you receive the sod.

  3. You can pay with a credit card over the phone.

Can I cancel my order at any time?

No. In most instances the sod is cut the day before we deliver the sod, or your pickup day. This means the field order has to be in by 5pm the day before that. When we close at 5 p.m. on that day (two days before you are to receive your order) we must submit our order to the field.  After that time, the sod is yours. We will do our best to try to sell your sod for you, but are under no obligation to do so. If you have reserved the sod with your credit card, you will be charged if you do not accept the sod.

How do I get my pallet deposit back? You must return you empty to our yard. We do not pickup the empties. If the pallet breaks apart please return all pieces and we will give you full credit.

How do I prepare my yard for the new sod?

If you have existing grass or weeds, the best solution is to put Roundup (or an equivalent) on the area. This can be purchased at any home improvement store. The rate and application will be dependent on which product you choose and how large on an area you have. All information will be listed on the product or you can ask the salesman if you have any questions. We recommend that you wait two weeks from the time you treat the area until you install the new grass. Then, FOR THE BEST RESULTS, remove dead grass by rototilling or using a sod cutter to cut out dead grass. You can also, once the sod is dead with Roundup, set your lawn mower to the lowest setting, scalp the dead grass and your new sod can then be laid on the area. Note: If you just scalp your yard and then lay the sod over it, the new sod will take longer to root in because it has to grow through the debris and it will take more water to get established. It will also be more uneven.Try to get your area as level as possible. This will help the sod root in as fast as possible and give you a smooth lawn with less holes. If you are installing the sod during a hot period (over 90 degrees) it is advisable that you soak your soil just prior to installation. PLEASE NOTE that sod is an agricultural product. It is not a manufactured product in which every piece is an exact, perfect duplicate the one before. There may be differences in the soil base depending on the amount of rain we have or not had. Slight unevenness in the sod field could also cause differences in the finished product. Some pieces could break apart or possibly not be as green as the others. Rest assured that the entire pallet was cut at the same time from one strip of sod in the field. Please lay all pieces, be sure to water, fertilizer and put fungicide down if required. Follow all instructions on the back of your ticket. You may find it necessary and beneficial to the finished product to roll the sod. A small amount of settling will occur naturally. You can take your lawn mower (blade off!) and drive over the new sod to seat the pieces. If you noticed ANYTHING when laying your new grass, you must call us within 24 hours of receiving the grass. Even if we are closed, leave a message. This proves that you laid your grass in a timely manner and didn’t let it sit on the pallet too long. Calling also gives
us the opportunity to address and fix and problems you might have.

Residential Installation

For homes, all we can do is come in and lay the grass. The ground must be completely prepared and ready for the grass.  If you need someone to take care of the entire process, from removal of your existing lawn and installation of the new grass, you can contact us and we will give you a referral. Please understand that no referred landscaper works for Winter Garden Grassing, Inc. and is not affiliated with Winter Garden Grassing. They are landscapers that purchase from us and someone that we have gotten great feedback about. We have never had any complaints.  Should you choose to do business with any landscaper, your business is between you and that landscaper. We are in no way responsible for them, their actions or their representations. No matter what landscaper you choose, we highly recommend that you get everything in writing so that there is no misunderstanding about what is or is not included. A very good pieces of advice for every aspect of your life: “IF IT IS NOT IN WRITING, IT NEVER HAPPENED” Be sure to get care instructions and/or follow our detailed care instructions found on our website. If you do not order the sod yourself, please follow up and make sure that your order has been paid for before you pay your landscaper. In Florida, property laws are such that the property owner is ultimately responsible that the supplier has been paid. Even if you have paid your contractor in full, if the bill to the supplier has not been paid, you could end up having to pay twice.

NO MATTER WHO INSTALLS YOUR SOD, MAKE SURE YOU ARE SATISFIED BEFORE THE INSTALLERS LEAVE. DON’T SHAKE THEIR HANDS WHEN THEY LEAVE AND THEN CALL WITH A COMPLAINT. We all strive to get it right the first time but there may be something overlooked or not up to your expectations and we all want our customers happy. So let us know before we leave.For homes, all we can do is come in and lay the grass. The ground must be completely prepared and ready for the grass. We do not do any prep work. We charge $60 per pallet with a 5 pallet minimum. If sod is being laid in more than 1 area that is not connected, there is an additional charge of $5 per area. If sod must be wheelbarrowed we charge $20 more per pallet. Sod would have to be wheelbarrowed if the area is not completely accessible with the forklift. For instance, if you have a septic tank/drain field or if it is going into your back yard and there is not a 10 foot wide clearance for the forklift.

What kind of warranty does Winter Garden Grassing have?

There is not an easy answer. We guarantee our sod for 48 hours as long as it has been installed properly, all directions have been followed on the back of the ticket, and has not contracted diseases after it has been installed.

If you believe that there is a problem with your sod, you need to do the following:  

  • Contact our office within 48 hours of receipt of the sod. If we do not answer, please leave a message. This proves that you laid your grass in a timely manner.

  • Lay all pieces, be sure to give it sufficient water, fertilize and treat all St. Augustine for fungus, sod webworms and other diseases within 2 days;

  • Call a spray service immediately.  We guarantee our sod and will replace it if it has been damaged by something that came in the sod. However, we are not experts in identifying sod diseases so you must have it inspected.  Please have the professional write up his diagnosis and contact our office with the information.

  • Give the sod two weeks to turn around.

If after two weeks, you are still unhappy with sod:

  • Contact our office and update us on your situation.

  • We will make a decision at that time as what further action needs to be taken.

We will not warranty the sod if:

  • The sod was not laid within 24 hours;

  • The sod was not adequately watered;

  • The sod has fungus, web worms, chinch bugs or other diseases

Can I purchase sod by the piece?

In addition to selling many varieties of sod by the full pallet, we also sell St. Augustine Floratam and Palmetto by the piece. (We do not sell Bahia by the piece because it breaks apart.) Please note that all pieces are self serve and you will need to load your own vehicle. We recommend that you call ahead for availability as we do sell out quickly.

How do I get my $7 refundable pallet deposit back?

Purchases of full or half pallets include a $7 refundable pallet deposit. This deposit can be given back if you bring back the wooden pallets to our yard in Ocoee. You must bring your yellow copy of your pickup or delivery ticket to show the office staff in order to get this credit. If you are returning for someone else, we ask that you please bring the name of the person who placed the order and the approximate delivery date.

If you have recently ordered sod for delivery and are making another delivery purchase to the same address, our driver can pick up the empty pallets when he brings your new sod. All you have to do is stack the pallets neatly on or close to the driveway in a place visible to the driver. Please make sure you indicate that you would like the driver to pick up the empty pallets when you place your order so we can let the driver know.